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Prolong the service life of your Ropes, Slings and Strops with Stealth Fibre® UHMwPE Chafe Protection.

How long your rope lasts is completely dependent upon working conditions. Sharp edges and rough surfaces pose a constant threat to your rope and can result in more frequent replacements and cost increases. 

The Stealth Chafe Guard is one of the most efficient chafe protection options available. Made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, this chafe guard takes full advantage of Stealth Fibre's inherent abrasion- and cut-resistant properties while maintaining a density less than water. Each strand is heat-treated and impregnated with a proprietary polyurethane coating to further enhance its abrasion resistance.


‣ Sizes to suit 18 – 105 mm diameter
‣ Superior abrasion resistance
‣ Resistant to most chemicals
‣ High UV resistance
‣ Abrasion resistance unaffected by water
‣ Floats
‣ Light weight
‣ Flexible and easy to work with



‣ Spliced eyes
‣ Protection of ropes in high abrasion applications
‣ Mooring protection
‣ Rope cover braid replacement
‣ Industrial Soft Shackle covers
‣ Can be used in place of thimbles in certain applications



Available in white Stealth Fibre® coated in colour or solution-dyed yarn for superb colourfastness

‣ Grey
‣ White
‣ Black
‣ Blue
‣ Green
‣ Orange
‣ Red
‣ Yellow